Understand why people behave the way they do through personality development

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True Colors training provides:

     An appreciation for valuing differences

  • Communication skill-building
  • Avenues for a more harmonious, productive environment
  • Easy integration into existing organizational framework and previous programs
  • A universal language that accelerates problem-solving, increases trust, and reduces conflict
  • Understanding yourself and others


Amazing Team Results


After a True Colors seminar, members of the group will describe different reasons why the day was useful:

Orange personalities will talk about how fun and exciting the day was, and how much more energy the group developed to solve its problems. Motivation to work as a team evaporated the old burnout and stagnation.

Gold temperaments will tell you that the workshop was valuable because it improves the bottom line, and the group performs more efficiently and more productively.

Green oriented people will point out that this methodology is intellectually rigorous, and has proven results that can be replicated again and again in developing interpersonal skills that endure.

Blue inclined personalities will feel satisfied by the feeling of group unity that developed the improved team morale, and the relief to have animosity turn into appreciation.

So, which one of these perspectives is the “right” one to describe the usefulness of True Colors? It’s obvious that they are all correct, even though they are different.


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